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I've found the easiest way to clean leeks is to slice of roots end, split them down the middle, stand in a tall jug, run water over them til jug is full and water looks clear. Allow to stand in the water and any dirt usually sinks to the bottom of the jug.


I make this in layers -- half the potatoes, leeks, half the Gruyere, potatoes, pour cream, then the rest of the Gruyere. This is a very good dish!


One clove of garlic? As Lynne Rossetto Kasper would say, "Why bother"? I'd up it to 4-6 cloves. Richard Olney, in recipes such as Gratin Dauphinois, would also use a cut clove of garlic when he started the recipe to rub down the interior of the gratin dish, and then let it dry there as he continued on.


Smelled delicious in the oven. Looked less than delicious coming out. Love at first bite. I used a truly fat clove of a garlic, and I regret nothing.

Marty O'C.

Obvious first adjustment is to triple the garlic. Better if you use the 3 leeks that are normally bundled so at the market. Fresh thyme: inconvenient and can overpower. Use a dash of dried oregano and rosemary instead so the taste of leeks is more face forward. Double the shredded gruyere topping and finish at 400-425 for a crisper brown crust, ease in cutting, and the serving of tight, coherent portions, Layering the Gruyere amidst the potatoes can result in a runnier dish needing a soup spoon

Becky Swaffield

I have made this with chicken broth instead of cream. It's delicious and less rich. I also add parsley, but then I add it to everything.

Etta Abrahams

At the risk of being voted off the island (Manhattan Island, that is) I confess that, out of gruyere and 20 miles from the nearest civilized supermarket, I used cheddar, and it was wonderful. I kept the leeks on top, as the recipe called for, omitted the nutmeg because it's really not suited to cheddar, and used half and half instead of whipping cream--and 3 fat garlic cloves. Fantastic both in looks and flavor--the leeks were positively creamy, the sliced potatoes a slightly firm surprise.


I cooked it as stated a day ahead of the dinner party, it was refrigerated overnight and then warmed as the rack of lamb cooked at 400-450, for 20 minutes. It was fabulous with each person wanting the recipe.

Miriam R.

Like Tessa, I baked this as a layered dish. I doubled the recipe so the layers were nicely defined. I love leeks and used 3 lg leeks rather than two per recipe. I also increased the amount of cream by half, and the amt of butter by half for each recipe. It is an excellent recipe, although it would be too time labor intensive without the use of a mandoline. (I use a handheld one that cost very little but works wonders in prepping a dish such as this one.)


If you divide this dish into 8 servings, there would be 285 cal, 8.8 gm protein, 16.8 gm carbs, 1.4 gm dietary fiber and 20.8 gm fat per serving. This is, therefore, one serving of carbohydrates for a diabetic.

It would be REALLY helpful if this food section includes the nutrients , as a guide to healthy eating. There are MANY diabetics. Others watch their caloric intake, total fat consumption, gluten content, etc. Not everyone has the time to sit and calculate the nutrients for each recipe.

Kara C

Hands down best gratin I’ve had. Made for a dinner party to rave reviews. None of the issues of other recipes (too runny, too bland, etc.). Used 2 lbs Yukon, 3 garlic cloves, 3 leeks and a handful more of gruyere. Everything else according to recipe. Cooked first segment day ahead then refrigerated and finished next day uncovered with the roast. Very forgiving recipe—you can’t go wrong.


Add additional leek/Triple the Garlic. Start with leeks - longer saute to golden. Layer the Potatoes/Leek/Cheese. Prep is at least an hour. Bake first segment of 40 min the day or morning before, to simplify cooking for the main meal.


Step 1 states to thinly slice the washed and halved leeks crosswise. You'll end up with thin half moon slices.


Excellent! Didn't peel potatoes and needed about 20-30 minutes baking time so that potatoes were done. This is a winner.


To get the true golden color for the leeks, I sautéed them for another 10-15 minutes. So to keep things on schedule, I recommend starting with the leek sautéing and then do the potato slicing and layering while the leeks are still warming up.


Use only Yukon gold. Use deep enough dish, leave one inch for bubbling. Cook for 60 covered, then add extra cheese and 40 uncovered.

Steven L

Utterly delicious. I added some lemon juice into the cream and the slight tang was nice. Substituted dried thyme in lieu of fresh and added extra garlic. Will definitely make again!


Do not overheat cream. I used half and half and it curdled


Made this last night for my hubby's bday. Doubled recipe, we had 12 people.Stupendous!!Served it with Beef Wellington. Great success!! thank you


Excellent! Didn't peel the potatoes, used 1/2 and 1/2 rather than cream, and used pancetta instead of butter...everything is better with pancetta. Easy and absolutely perfection of flavors.


If you like potato slices of varying thickness, cut by hand.


This dish is a hit with my friends, and I love it as well. It's quite rich, so I'll reserve the recipe for gatherings and special occasions.

Jennifer A.

Increase garlic to 3-4 cloves

Pamela Breckenridge

Now I know how to use up those leeks and potatoes! What an amazing winter warmer! So easy to make and so tasty. Great on its own or with other dishes. I wouldn't change the ingredients or the cooking instructions in any way.


Made as directed other than more garlic, and half stock/cream. High caloric deliciousness, as expected. I found the leeks to be too gloppy on top. Next time I will put some in with potatoes and leave some on top as directed. Bake without the cheese, uncover after 20-25 min, to try to crisp up the top a little , bake another 10 or so. then melt the cheese on in the last 10 min


This was with out a shadow of a doubt an excellent choice. I listened to the comments and put more garlic in between the layers of potatoes. Also took the leeks and spread them through the many layers of cheesy potato goodness. Shared it with some seasoned Foodie friends and posted it on my social media account. Requests for the recipe came from family and friends across the country.

potato leek gratin

Cook 15 minutes longer

Jayne M. Weiske

Layered potatoes, leeks and cheeseDoubled the leeks and sauced until almost caramelized Increased cheese significantly- at least doubleFinished the dish at 425 for 15-20 min for a crisp browned top


This was excellent. It’s perplexing though, how the author thinks leeks can be rendered tender and golden in 5 minutes. It takes a good 20 minutes, and that’s on a medium flame. I used about 1.5c shredded Gruyere, and it would have benefited from even more. I would also add an extra 0.5c of cream; 1c isn’t enough to seep through the leeks into the potatoes. Alternating multiple layers of potatoes and leeks would make this even better (the potatoes are a bit isolated). Cooking time is spot on.


Is this just as good if I make a day ahead? Looking to prep this today to lessen my load tomorrow!

Pamela Breckenridge

Yes, it keeps very well in the fridge for a few days and can easily be warmed through in the oven or a microwave.

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Potato Leek Gratin Recipe (2024)


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